La Valise Mexico CityLa Valise Mexico City

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Suite La Luna

Room only

La Luna of La Valise Mexico City breaks the myth that sequels are never good. Between heaven and earth our second suite. An ideal place for reflection, find inspiration and rediscover the world. As elsewhere in the hotel, Mexican style permeates the atmosphere as Chic by Accident’s curated interior is highlighted by the contrast between the light finish of the wood floors and an eclectic red carpet. White iron chairs, a comfortable velvet sofa are placed next to circular lamps from the seventies that illuminate black leather shelves emerging from the walls. Between the bedroom and the living room, a gigantic fiberglass parabolic antenna «La Luna» crosses the space unexpectedly and opens up to the queen size bedroom and the Mexican pink corridor that leads to the very lighted walk-in shower room and bathtub.

  • Room size 1000 Square feet

Suite La Terraza

Room only

The surreal third and final suite on the highest point of La Valise Mexico City. A place to dream, remember the first love and the unique memories with friends. Our best kept secret as the desire to sleep under the stars becomes a reality as the king size bed rolls from inside the bedroom to the exterior rooftop Terraza… Night session movie projection under the blanket and open sky are a delight pleasure. The living room combines the key elements of Chic by Accident which are wood, velvet and metal. A fireplace with blown glass spheres and a pair of framed paintings allude to a syncretism of influence from both Europe and Mexico. In the bathtub and walk-in shower bathroom the hardwood flooring contrasts with the geometric mosaics and Mexican pink walls. (Please note that this suite is in a last floor (of 3) and their access has a narrow staircase of 10 steps that may be a little bit complicated for elderly or people with health problems.)

  • Room size 1000 Square meters